Saturday, July 5, 2014


I have started another Felicity quilt, well I started and finished a bed quilt for my daughter. So hard to put a big bed quilt through the domestic machine. Why can't I have $15,000 lying around doing nothing so I can buy a longarm????:)

So I drew out my design for my next Felicity story and then realised I had jumped ahead in the story :) so I drew up the story before the one I started and am now painting them simultaneously :)

It's been slow on Etsy and here..... not sure if anyone reads this thing :) I have started to get myself out there on instagram - aquilterspleasure, and I figured that maybe I might get more reads that way :).

We also got a new member to our family......

A mini schnauzer, we love him and he is soooooo gorgeous!!

Just discovered a new show, well new to me :) Longmire, it is i it's third season and I am only at season one episode one, and I am totally addicted already!!
Got some trashy books out from the library :) I am sure I will enjoy reading deep literature.

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