Saturday, July 12, 2014


So, more photos of Roku :) This is the cutest puppy ever!!!!!

A random shot of my awesome vege garden, we ate capsicum and broccoli and they were delicious.

Sooooo cute!!!

So when we aren't playing with this gorgeous puppy, I have been working on this...

So I started with this one and then realised I had skipped a story, so I did the one before, ending up with two at once :)
This one is obvious as to what is going on :) their dresses/pants show how happy they are and how free and excited they are.

This one is called "Getting Comfortable" and she has opened her dreams and heart to him, the tree will have small keys in them.

 This is Freddy's pants, and it is his living room and symbolises him getting comfortable with Felicity, snuggling in the living room watching tv.

She has brought along a friend...

This is the engagement one, called "Oh Happy Day" and I will sew on the wings coming off the heart, so they look like wings :)


Well the school holidays are over, back to school tomorrow yeehaaaa :). They were quite enjoyable actually, we did lots of stuff together and I took each one out by themselves and did somethig special. It was very nice. Only yesterday with the two younger ones did it get mental !! ! First time in time out all holidays. pretty good really.
Now I just need to get back into dieting. Holidays were tough on me for food. But it all tasted soooo good. :)

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