Monday, May 26, 2014


So I have finished another of the Felicity series and I still think that it looks like a kid did it but.... oh well all that work I might as well put it up on Etsy :)

Here's a random photo of my bobbin filled with dust :) Gee I wonder why it doesn't sound so good :)

Felicity and Introducing Frederick, Freddy to his friends... :)

Had a real yucky week last week, think it might have been a bit hormonal! Wonderful things happen when you turn 40 :) I got pimples on my chin and greasy hair and serious mood swings!!. mmmmmmmmm Nice! I feel better this week thank goodness at least :) Still have greasy hair! What's the go with that?? Haven't changed my good shampoo so got no idea what's going on there.

Well off to get the kids from school and take the oldest one to violin then come home and cook dinner. I am feeling really relaxed just thinking about it :).


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