Saturday, February 1, 2014

A First!!

I have had watery eyes for awhile now, and I have gone to the doctors and gotten drops and that helped, but as soon as they ran out the watery eyes came back. So I went to an eye specialist and I have dry eyes :). I do not have enough oils in my eyes. So the doctor pulls out a needle and say that he wants to squirt some salt water in my tear ducts!! I got a bit nervous and he said 'oh don't worry, it's a bendy needle'. Oh well that's okay then. Made me feel so much better. I wish :).

So he inserted a needle into my tear duct!! Ughh, thankfully it didn't hurt too much, the yucky part was then he turned the needle once it was in my tear duct to get the right angle :) At least it was over very quickly and since this procedure my tear ducts have been so much better. So there's a first :) tick it off my list, needle in my eye :).

So Your Heart for My Heart is on Etsy now. I am loving her dress :) and I have started another one already and love the sky on what I have done. Feels good to like my work :).

My daughter has finished her quilt, with the help of her friends hehe and I have done a bit of piecing on the ends and now I will put it together and start sewing :) should be fun. Seriously I cannot piece at all!! I think I might buy a online class on piecing just so I don't feel so inept :).

each symbol for the cartoon characters

 Darren Shan

 Robin from teen titans

Danny Phantom

Dipper from Gravity Falls

Jack frost from The Guardians

Addicted to house hunters and house hunters international :) it is so fun to watch people pick apart houses over the tiniest things :).

Totally enjoyed my first week at home alone with school back :) bliss.


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