Monday, January 20, 2014


Well I sold An Easy Way to Get Love!! So excited, here I am thinking it looks like a child's drawing :) And I sold Dream Tree too. Good timing for back to school and about another ten bills as well. I get so excited every time I sell something :) someone actually likes my stuff AND gives me money too!!:)

Finished the next Felicity in the series, it was slow going as the kids have had friends over and all I do is feed them and then clean up after them all. Fun. But they have fun and there is no arguing so give and take :).

Will have to fix that eye, :)

 So now just to bind it, I find it hard to match a binding colour. I used to just bind  it in some funky gold I had but I ran out and the fabric shop I go to get all sorts of different stuff in and not always the same. Will have to look again for something tomorrow.

Then one of my wonderful friends went back to the U.S, so sad and not fair :) Helped clean her house and then when it was empty it looked so nice and clean :) of course, so I came home and did a huge declutter and went through the kids rooms and just cleaned everything!! Now it feels better and when the kids go back to school (wohooo) next week I can relax for a few days before having to clean again. Ha ha ha funny. Dreaming. Nice.

Went shopping and there was no chocolate on special!! What??? I never buy chocolate at full price $4.80 for a block of chocolate? No way! So I have to check if there is any stashed at home or keep going back to the store waiting for a special :) This is news people!!. This is important.

My daughter wants to make her own quilt and she has designed the quilt top up and will start drawing on it tomorrow and then paint, we will then go get the backing and wadding which thankfully is on special at my local quilt shop. Said daughter said well then we should be done by the end of the week then mum once you've done your stuff! hehehe I wish I was that quick or had a long arm and it would be done that quick :)
Dinner, what a chore!! off I go...

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