Saturday, October 5, 2013


Another good friend having a baby and she has moved here from another country and I think that a gorgeous quilt will help make up for no family around a little :) I put this one together nice and quick and just still love doing it. I got all of the fabric out of my cupboard. It's true I really do have a magic cupboard :) it has been years since I bought any patterned fabric so that makes the cupboard even more magic.

Loving the colours of this one....

It's so hot here!! 34C in October!!! I am scared to think of how hot it is going to be in Summer. Our electricity bill is going to be enormous. Going to be doing lots of swimming with the kids I think :)

I went and saw Pirates of Penzance with my mum in law and it was great, they are an ametuer group but really there is nothing ametuerish about them. They are so professional!!. I loved Phantom better but it is a different kind of play :). I am going to sign up for the newsletter with my local theatre company as I am really enjoying getting out to these events.

Started my vege patch again, possums I am guessing ate my lettuse and zucchini!! How annoying. I have some netting that I will put over the garden. I think that I planted enough corn to feed my whole street :) but it is so yum it really isn't a problem. I planted a whole packet of tomato seeds but only one took!! Not sure what happened there, but it could be the unseasonably hot weather we are having, so I will buy seedlings and see how that goes. 
Have a good one :)

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