Sunday, September 29, 2013


I got a chance to go away for a few days, so I took it and went up to the mountains. It was so relaxing and I went with a great friend so that was even better :) We did a big bush walk on the first day and finally reached the top to take in this view.......

In the distance is Baroon Dam, we climbed wayyyy high.

We came across this amazing house, just for perspective, the 'garage' you see in the middle end left is the size of a normal house. This was incredible and what a view.

Just loved the sun streaming through the trees, gorgeous

Such tall trees and I can't work out how to do a simple thing like rotate!!!

This was the lookout again, the dam is behind us and I just loved the mowed portion, dreaming of living on that spot :)

This is Obi Obi creek, just divine and so secluded and quiet, we were waiting to see a platypus :) what a treat that would have been....

Part of Kondalilla Falls, gorgeous again

Kondalilla Falls, spectacular

The whole falls

Came round a corner and saw this!!! Oh my it was big!! It doesn't look too big but it was!! and it's claws!! Wow really scared me :) they were so long!

Working on this right now......

This is done with the inktense pens, blending and then adding fabric medium over the pencils again to make them colour really pop. It is soooooo much fun and I think the colour is amazing!!

I am in the process of doing all the free motion work on it, but have put it aside for the moment to work on a baby quilt for a friend. WIll be using these pens a lot more in the future and I found a website where you can buy the pencils individually and quite cheap so I have ordered some more colours.
Just watched chronicles of Riddick and quite enjoyed it :) now will watch Riddick and I am sure will enjoy that too.


  1. ARGH that looks amazing. I wish I were there on holiday with you !!! I really need to get away. Lucky jason has booked 2 nights away for my on my birthday., he will join me fr the second day. cant waaaaaiiittt........ Petaxx

  2. So your going to be all by yourself???:) niiiiiice :)

  3. I love the pencils you have used, they look great!