Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well I finished the commission quilt last Thursday night. I was pretty impressed in myself :) Quite a quick one. The customer was very very happy and thought it was gorgeous. So that was a great response :).

Now for some pics.....

Feathers...mmmmmm :)

More feathers....

Love coming up with different free motion patterns... will feature them in my video's

The gorgeous back.... I used satin for backing and it was sensational. Soft to touch and nice against the skin and looks fantastic.

Back again....

One more back...

Can you tell I love feathers? And I love that it is still modern too :) And I love bubbles and swirls and soo many other patterns :) If you want to see how to do these, keep tuned to my youtube channel. :)

So now I am back working on the swirly thing, no name for it yet. Nearly finished that too and then will put it up on Etsy. Then I have another idea boiling in my head, just waiting to get out :). This has tree's in it! :) what a surprise :) with a difference of course :).

Watched a movie on the weekend called Safety not guarenteed. It was cute and I really had a good laugh. But a great laugh is Castle reruns :) sooo fun. So fun.


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