Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New art quilt

I am making another tree quilt. Yes another :). I finished three Story of my life for the parents for Christmas and this baby quilt....
Having a baby quilt ready to go in my Etsy site. So now some fun. These leaves are being sewn on wash a way and I am going for an Autumnal colour, hoping it doesn't make a mess really :) I am using many different hues of green, this is the start. 

My garden is slowly growing

Tomatoes have gone crazy, which is great as the best tomato sauce is made with home grown tomatoes mmmmmm. 
Christmas was lovely and busy and I made too many cinnamon rolls so I had parties so that other people would eat the cinnamon rolls :) the problem is I really want to keep them and eat them all myself!!:) they are divine. 
I am now doing the Hasfit workouts everyday to combat the cinnamon rolls :) that way I can keep eating them right?:)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Spring growth

Well I got addicted to Instagram and out went the blog:) Then we moved house, and it has been a while since we moved and I had forgotten how horrible it is to move. Ughh. Good thing we got a great house so that we never have to move again. So I have been filling some of the yard with vege patches and buying seeds off Etsy and have been mostly successful, just having trouble with lettuce and the herbs, which is sad because I had this wonderful dream of a gorgeous herb patch, will try again with my remaining precious seeds :) 
Dinner looked so good I thought I would just add that photo in, chicken pie mmmmmmm. My last art quilt I made, tell me, does it look like there is a stain on it?????? And the chair in the corner of the photo is one I got on a free kerbside pickup where council comes and collects your rubbish, so two free chairs and then fabric from my stash!!!! This day of the dead fabric is to die for hahahaha sad I know, but I love how it looks on the chair and it is sooooo comfy. This will be the reading corner once I get it all sorted. We renovated the single a garage into a study and it took so long, so the house is only just getting back to normal. I will find a cute little table to put your book and drink and chocolate in.... Bliss :) 
Finally sorted out the paints and got them in a cupboard, I need to seek some of my art quilts to make room for more, and I finally have more space than the corner of the dining room wohoooo, and I sanded back the drawers and then glossed them, gorgeous aren't they!! Only had two of the rose handles hehehe will see what else I can find. Next post will be photos of the renovation, glad it is over :) and I will never make a living as a painter :) won't be showing you those mistakes :)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Never any time!!

Well I am slowly getting there in my scribble design :) I used a gorgeous #30 weight thread for some of the design, but I don't have a 100" needle and it just tore up the thread! It's amazing how much a difference a needle makes. So I need to get some more needles.

Such a busy week doing all the normal stuff plus a whole lot of extras. The best part was that I rediscovered the best op shop!! And it now has a designer section!!! Sooooo good! Went with great friends and had a great time. Brand new designer jeans that fit like they were made for me for $5!!!!! Two brand new pair of shoes for $20!! They have a $2 section and I got great clothes from there too. What an adrenalin rush that was :)

It had been raining all day and it kept getting worse here yesterday and getting home from school took three times as long and I was lucky to get home. There was so much flooding people got stuck everywhere and the highway was still blocked and jammed at 10pm!!! My brother got stuck in a train and had to stay overnight as the highway was blocked and a bridge was damaged from a car hitting it.  A bit of fun really :). 

Been watching The good wife again, such a great show. I think I love kalinda the best and since it seems like she is getting her own show, then I am super excited!!:)

Off to do some sewing before I have to hang another million loads of washing out.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Well I finished them and I now will put one on etsy and one to my friend :). Next one is going to be a whole cloth quilt of many colours. Can't wait to start! 
Went to a gorgeous creek with the kids today, they loved it and had a ball exploring. Check out my photos on Instagram, same name as my blog. It is so beautiful and relaxing there and I think I might go back all by myself just to breathe :) 

Wish I didn't have to make dinner every night, I am even out of ideas and motivation, wish you could eat take away every night and not get fat!!:) 

Oh well, off to cook dinner.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A New Direction

So I had some very fun paper that I had bought a while ago and I thought, better use it..... Sooooo came up with this idea :). The last picture is of real life people! Shock horror!! :) once I had made the first one I trout it would work great as a collage for family photos, so I made another for a friend and I think it turned out quite well. I am going to add this idea to my etsy store. 

Talking about etsy .... I want to get bigger with my garden, but seeds and seedlings cost too much and it makes having the garden more expensive than buying vegetables :) I was reading another blog and they had the same problem and they found bulk seeds on etsy! I never would have looked there, and I'm so glad I did. They are so cheap and full of cool varieties. I am going to use All about seeds and I'm most excited about buying lavender plants and starting my own lavender plantation hehehe 

If I can grow enough, a small stall at my local market will soon be buying my produce :) I think most people would love a lavender plant don't you think?:) and I can imagine ask walk up to my door, lavender all the way along and smelling divine :) ahhhh now that's relaxing, which is what I need with school holidays happening:). 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It's a bit cooler today, so cleaning out the veggie patch is enjoyable now:) 

Well that took me a couple of hours but it is done!!:) now for more yummy veggies :) the kids will be so excited to have zucchinis and cauliflower galore!!:) 

Also working on this

I usually do more painted pictures, but my husband only let me know that he wanted me to make a quilt for a friend at work who is having a baby:) it still looks gorgeous. Beautiful fabric. 
This is my favourite

It is cinder berries and I love love her work. 

Here is my bed quilt waiting while I am shoving in the baby quilt 


The pile is so big it has fallen over hahahaha, that might take a while :) 
Got a pile of books out of the library and so far I haven't gotten into any of them, so back to Agatha Christie, the queen:), reading appointment with death. It's fantastic, of course :) lost count how many times I have read it:). 

Off to have a huge drink after all that gardening, and maybe some of that lemon slice I made..... Mmmmmmmm or even the mini raspberry and white chocolate hot cross buns I bought :).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trees and school holiday

I finished the mosaic tree art quilt. I love it and had so much fun doing this one!!:) I am hoping to sell it on etsy for $1000,000 hehehhe. Well I think it's worth it. Imagine the sewing machine I could buy for that!! :) 
So I want a new sewing machine. I do believe I can hear my poor little sewing machine slowly dying. I can hear it slowing down bit by bit. So I am saving my money for a really great sewing machine. I am going to get a Janome horizon. Once school is back, I am hitting sewing shops and test driving that thing and seeing if it is any good. I will try other machines too, fun fun fun!:). 

School holidays are going a bit better than I thought. One more week left and I intend to keep them busy. We have been to the beach and swimming so much I still have water in my ears :) movies and friends over have helped with the arguing too. I am feeling good about myself that I only lost it about twice hehehhe, it's the arguing that does my head in!!!

Here's my future sewing machine

So now I have begun on a bed quilt for my bed, this will take me a while and I need to work out how long it actually takes me, as that's handy for future clients I think :)

Gorgeous colours aren't they!! Love them and I can't wait to see it all together.

Just read notorious nineteen by Janet Evanovich, I used to love these books, but his one I didn't enjoy so much. I know she has a few more, I am debating whether to try another. Such deep decisions!!! 
And talking about deep stuff.... Tv has come back from their break, and castle is a bigggg disappointment. Castle already gets you to suspend all reality, but it does help to at least have some semblance of a storyline!!. Anyone else seen the latest episode? It took me all afternoon to watch it due to school holidays hehehehehe

Now off to make dinner, I am getting my kids more involved in cooking, so my oldest is going to make dinner with my assistance :) burritos should be a good start :).