Monday, October 26, 2015

Spring growth

Well I got addicted to Instagram and out went the blog:) Then we moved house, and it has been a while since we moved and I had forgotten how horrible it is to move. Ughh. Good thing we got a great house so that we never have to move again. So I have been filling some of the yard with vege patches and buying seeds off Etsy and have been mostly successful, just having trouble with lettuce and the herbs, which is sad because I had this wonderful dream of a gorgeous herb patch, will try again with my remaining precious seeds :) 
Dinner looked so good I thought I would just add that photo in, chicken pie mmmmmmm. My last art quilt I made, tell me, does it look like there is a stain on it?????? And the chair in the corner of the photo is one I got on a free kerbside pickup where council comes and collects your rubbish, so two free chairs and then fabric from my stash!!!! This day of the dead fabric is to die for hahahaha sad I know, but I love how it looks on the chair and it is sooooo comfy. This will be the reading corner once I get it all sorted. We renovated the single a garage into a study and it took so long, so the house is only just getting back to normal. I will find a cute little table to put your book and drink and chocolate in.... Bliss :) 
Finally sorted out the paints and got them in a cupboard, I need to seek some of my art quilts to make room for more, and I finally have more space than the corner of the dining room wohoooo, and I sanded back the drawers and then glossed them, gorgeous aren't they!! Only had two of the rose handles hehehe will see what else I can find. Next post will be photos of the renovation, glad it is over :) and I will never make a living as a painter :) won't be showing you those mistakes :)


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