Friday, May 1, 2015

Never any time!!

Well I am slowly getting there in my scribble design :) I used a gorgeous #30 weight thread for some of the design, but I don't have a 100" needle and it just tore up the thread! It's amazing how much a difference a needle makes. So I need to get some more needles.

Such a busy week doing all the normal stuff plus a whole lot of extras. The best part was that I rediscovered the best op shop!! And it now has a designer section!!! Sooooo good! Went with great friends and had a great time. Brand new designer jeans that fit like they were made for me for $5!!!!! Two brand new pair of shoes for $20!! They have a $2 section and I got great clothes from there too. What an adrenalin rush that was :)

It had been raining all day and it kept getting worse here yesterday and getting home from school took three times as long and I was lucky to get home. There was so much flooding people got stuck everywhere and the highway was still blocked and jammed at 10pm!!! My brother got stuck in a train and had to stay overnight as the highway was blocked and a bridge was damaged from a car hitting it.  A bit of fun really :). 

Been watching The good wife again, such a great show. I think I love kalinda the best and since it seems like she is getting her own show, then I am super excited!!:)

Off to do some sewing before I have to hang another million loads of washing out.



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