Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Finished, but....

Well I finally finished the quilt for my husband's cousin :) felt like it took me forever. But it always feels like it never is truly finished. :). Once I finished the binding, I then spent two episodes of Warehouse 13 cutting off the threads of the back :) it was fun watching the episodes :).

Have a look

My son wants a quilt now with Wack Foo written on it :) It is a tv show the kids have discovered. I am not even sure if that is the right spelling :) will have to work on that :) So I know what I am doing next.

Just had a big storm here and got a huge amount of rain in a real short time. It was so nice and now it is cool. It was so humid today, so the cool change is so nice. The only problem with the deluge is that is has flooded all the trains leaving the city and no one can get home. Bummer. 

Watching Life Below Zero at the moment, such a cool show. It would be fun to live in the wilds of alaska for a few weeks, but after that I would miss so much :) I would get a lot of quilting done :).


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