Monday, November 17, 2014


Okay, I forgot to let you know that when my daughter won her category, she won $200 worth of fabric from a shop called Voodoo Rabbit. I think that is a generous prize and I love this fabric!!! I mounted some of the fabric on canvas and made pillows and will make her a backpack out of it. With the leftovers :) I will make a quilt mmmmmmmmm cannot wait :). Have a look at the delectable goodies.....

The girls are done by J Wecker Fisch and they are called Handmaids for Quilting treasures. Just gorgeous. The day of the dead fabric is byBaile de calaveras, which I think is the month ofmay and the date of the actual day of the dead which I can't remember :) De Leon design group for Alexander Henry, just stunning too, they have pictures of Frida on them as well. The butterfly design is by Tim Holtz! It is called Eclectic elements and butterflight, that is yummy edible fabric!!

Canvas Wall hanging

Gorgeous pillow, same ladies as above

Another gorgeous wall hanging

Day of the dead fabric

This is part of the Handmaids collection, so original!

Same collection,

Cute pillow

Decided to make a ipad case for my daughter with the day of the dead skulls and inside with the TIm  Holtz butterflight fabric

I need to get some clips for the flap

Can you see Frida?

Each part is so cool!

The handmaids again, so cool

Matching... yum

Day of the dead skulls, haven't even used this fabric yet!

Handmaids again, this is so unique

Close up

Funky skulls

Tim Holtz Butterflight

Well that was fun :) I convince myself that I have enough fabric and I don't need to buy any more :) then I see wonderful fabric like this and well, you want it allllll. The shop Voodoo Rabbit is amazing and I could have spent my savings in there :) and totally worth it too! :) I will be happy to play with the bundle for a while and make something cool out of it all.

In the meantime, went up to Mount Cootha tonight and it was so gorgeous up there. I am a quilters pleasure on instgram where i posted a photo. You just want to live up there :)

I have been reading a series of books on an English village written by Rebecca Shaw and they are cute and a good storyline. It's nice to read something without a lot of violence. When I read Lee Child, it is confronting and in your face. That is what is good about it, but it's nice to have a break from that :).

Loving The 100 Still, great show and can't wait for each new episode. What are you enjoying watching?

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