Thursday, March 21, 2013


I finished the hearts art quilt. It is now on etsy waiting for someone to love it enough.

I checked the weather today, no rain till Sunday, so I got my weed killer out and sprayed those most annoying weeds on the rocks that we have. Three hours later, It Rained!!!! Whatever.... 
So will see over the next couple of weeks whether it worked or I am off to buy more weed killer. 
Have started on the garden quilt and am using metallic thread, hmmmm it keeps breaking and I have the right needle and it is superior thread so it is fantastic. I am getting real sick of rethreading. Will  keep going for a few more flowers until I cant take it any more. It usually works fine, so who knows why not today.

Am reading a real good book by Michael Conolly, have never read his books! how did I miss that. Totally enjoying it and it is so well written.
So tired today, a good book and rest is what I need. 

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