Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I was looking on a real estate website the other day and I got distracted by looking at gorgeous houses in the millions :) it was so much fun. It's nice to dream about having a divine house with everything you want (needs are way taken care of in these houses :) and then I started looking in Tasmania too :). We lived in Tasmania for a little while and it was a fantastic experience and the island is sooooo beautiful. It is a real paradise. So I look up houses dreaming about living there again in some gorgeous old barn built by convicts :) or a gorgeous old victorian house that must cost a fortune to heat. It's cold down there. So, do you get online and real estate dream? It is an escape from mopping floors (need to do that now, escaping with this blog post) and other mindless tasks we do. 

While I have been quiet on the blog front, more mindless tasks that give me nothing to blog about :), I have been working on this.......

I am going to add bead to the flowers and will have bead as the trail to the dragonflies and the butterflies, should look good :)

I have lynx on my laptop and I don't know how to use the program that comes with it for editing photo's and I could not find where to rotate !!!!

Anyway, will take some photo's when its free motioned and maybe it will look better :) Off to get my hair cut, can't decide whether to be real brave and cut it short into some funky style or get an equally funky bob. My hair at the moment is long, it reaches my behind so this will be a big change. I am sick of all the hair everywhere!! I clean out my bathroom in the morning and by lunch it is like someone has had a fight with my hair and pulled it all out!! gross. Off it comes. Will post a photo if it looks any good :)

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