Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New project and a garden

Well this is what I am up to, always looks like a child has done it at this stage :) but once I have finished off and start the free motion work then it looks better. I hope :)

Every white part will be filled with hearts, I have cut out all sorts of size heart so that they fill these gaps. I am feeling good about it :)

My garden :) a watermelon!!

Spinach and corn mmmmmm :)

Sunflower about to bloom, so cool.....

How do I stop basil from seeding?? And it has gone all light yellow, diseased :(

I am reading an old book out of my bookshelf called Alias the Saint, which is about the saint remember that show on tv with Roger Moore as the saint? The book is very fun and quite intelligently written.
What about you? what have you been reading?


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