Monday, February 18, 2013

Feels Great!!!

Well over the past week I have sold two of my art quilts!! And that makes me so excited that someone likes what I do so much that they will pay me money :) It hurts to post each piece but I cant fit them all on my wall so they might as well go to another wall. It just feels so great!.

I have finished the 'get rid of fabric' quilt. It has been stuck under my sewing machine for a couple of weeks now that I have forgotten what it looks like, so when I took it off today and threw it on the floor, I got such a great feeling :) wohooo. So now it just needs a border and then I can put that on etsy.

So my new piece will be, well actually I have a few idea's which is a relief since I had nothing there for a while. So now I am doing something with hearts and then a pure thread green one with many different shades of green through it. Wish I could do two things at once :)

Trying, trying, trying to lose weight. I think I lose about 200gm a week, so sad. But at least I am losing weight I guess.

And I know that The Help came out a while ago but I just got to it and wow what a powerful book. Could not stop reading it. My family had to come and find me as I hid away just reading it. The only bad part was that it ended :).

So there the work, now off to bind it and cut out more hearts for my next project. What are you up to? Send me a picture and I can post it here.

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